Extra Life and the Humble Luigis

This past Saturday, the Humble Luigis got together for 24 hrs to raise money for the Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester, NY. Together we raised over $4,236 dollars through friends, family, and streaming.  All in all, after 22-24 hours of gaming, "Golf It" was the peak of our existence. 
It's also not too late to donate, if you missed the hustle of donations!

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So I recently moved to Seattle. A once horrifying idea, has become a pretty amazing reality. Making the move has granted me a clean slate and a fresh mind.  I've been putting some time into making some new personal work and getting back to my roots as an artist.

That being said, working on a cintiq companion for 2 weeks on the floor of an empty apartment was a horrible experience. But I did get to make some art, which is what counts.  

Cowboy landscape

I don't get to paint literal things very often at my job, so here's something I spent a day or two on.  Will probably keep working on it for fun. I always get cowboy fever when it's close to February.

Time to break out the Clint Eastwood collection.

Limited Edition: Ancillary Justice

I was recently commissioned to do a limited edition cover for Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice, which apparently has already sold out- Go Ann Leckie!
It was a great read and I was more than happy to see how much the book supported androgyny. It was a huge honor to work on this title.

I thought I would show some of the initial sketches and final.

A City Sleeps- Art & Release

A new game from a very small group of Harmonix game developers was just announced. I've been fortunate enough to be tasked with making the backgrounds and Idols for the project. It's considered a shmup, but the audio is really what makes it a Harmonix game at heart. 

Here's some of the art released for the game so far:

I've never worked with parallaxing backgrounds before, nor a side scrolling game. It was a ball gathering the right references we needed for the right aesthetic. Hopefully you guys like what we've put a lot of heart and effort into.
More soon!

There be Dragons

Recently found out that I was fortunate enough to be included into this year's Society of Illustrator's Spectrum Exhibition in New York City, this coming September.

The same piece that was elected, has also been included on Tor.com, in what I consider to be one of the largest visual collections of dragons, from past to present illustrators.
Check it out when you can. For a concept of a creature that has been around for thousands of years, the amount of diversity is amazing.

Amplitude HD

I recently made some pieces for Harmonix's Kickstarter: Amplitude HD. I had a lot of fun and freedom designing the promotional work for the project.  It's not often that you get to re-imagine the look and feel of a game made from the 90's into something sleeker and fresher. 
The original game was pretty literal in it's interpretation of cyberspace and possessed a plethora of colors. My main goal with these was to organize the color, tone down the track, and insert the color information mostly into the gems. 

High Heavens & Personal Drafts

For a limited time, I freelanced for the funded kickstarter boardgame, High Heavens. I thought I might gain some experience making card art and add a few extra pieces to my portfolio outside of my full time job. These are the ones that have been released publicly so far. It was really liberating to be able to tackle illustration rather than concept art. And I could make things as overly dramatic as I wanted.

Here are the preliminary thumbs for some of the cards, along with a few strays. The armor card was drafted in both sketchup and zbrush to get the right perspective.

And then the finals:


Although this is not the final layout, I also arted up the board with a painted cloudscape.

On a completely different note, this is some of the work that I've started in between projects.  I began as an artist in portraiture which is probably the most natural thing for me at this point, as well as the least stressful.  Doing studies of period clothing and lighting are two things that I will never be able to resist.  I love painting people, I love doing the research, and I love humanizing the characters as much as possible.

The siren piece below was one of the many sketches I had made for the cryptozoology art show Harmonix  hosted this past year, but didn't make the cut.   


I have finally found a  place for making prints and will be making the above currently available. While I set up an online store, feel free in the meantime to inquire about orders and sizes at info@laurensaintonge.com
If there are pieces that are not above, feel free to mention them in an email and I will get back to you.

All prints are museum and archival quality.


This painting started out as a simple portrait study, and ended up evolving into something  much larger in size. Based off of a reenactor from "His Majesty's Ship Somerset", which was quickly laid down as a color study.
which I later built upon, using the Jean-Antoine plaster cast/ bust of Washington at the Smithsonian.

You can see the gif of process below: