The First Shot & Process

Update Final:

Rough thumb of the first American shot at Yorktown and the finish. Story goes, it "interrupted" some british officers who had been dining in the next house over. I've taken some liberties.
I've been looking at a  lot of N.C Wyeth and Mead Schaeffer paintings for this.


thank you to all the reenactors who actually make this research possible
 in the first place. I can't explain how important you are when it comes
 to helping the public remember our past.
Also, a thank you to my parents who had resources I never could have dreamed of. 
They don't come more supportive than you both.
And also a thank you to Woijech Wolynski, even though he won't like it. He's like a fountain of invaluable information when you least expect it.

Nautical Kings

Will texture and render later on. It's unfortunate that i ran out of time for
 illustration IV assignments. the two that I already made were extremely surreal. And now there's this.
but of course, what do i paint the night before a final is due? exploding ships that are burning and crashing
into the ocean.
I never pick anything easy.